19 jun. 2010

Please don't go that way

I miss you. Where are you? I can't see you anymore...
only a dark silhouette t the other side of an immense abyss full of emptiness, stares at me.
I call, I scream your name,
but only the echo of my voice answers my clamor.
I try to find you once again
but it's too far away, too silent,
and you don't move...
maybe I'm not calling hard enough.
I don't wanna lose you...
please don't leave me my soul sister,
please don't go that way,
don't consume yourself on that darkness of forgetfulness.
I want to see you happy!
Let me feel your happiness so I can be happy for you!
Let me share my soul with your soul like when we were little girls.
I love you...don't you ever forget it!
No matter what, you are and always will be my sister,
and part of my heart belongs to you.

Carta que me escribió un ser maravilloso en mi vida: Juliana Hincapié Mesa
Jamas en la vida podría olvidarte, seria imposible!! Te amo muchísimo, sentí una sensación hermosa dentro de mi cuando te leí.

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